Friday Night Lights in Texas is MORE Important than your Childs Education!

Sorry Texans..I hate to tell you, the real truth is FOOTBALL is more important to the States “Budget Crisis” and our GOP Governor than your child’s education.  Texas is a “right to work State”, it basically means we don’t recognize Unions here so they have no true bargaining rights here that directly have an impact on anyone, so don’t fall for that line either.  That’s another GOP trick to make you think whats happening in other States is the right thing and have you back it.  Do yourself a favor read, become informed, learn like we did when we were kids.

Back to facts,  Public Employees making MORE than our Gov. Perry… are:

Mack Brown The University of Texas at Austin Head Coach $2,511,667
Richard D Barnes The University of Texas at Austin Head Coach $1,916,667
Rodney James Rohrich The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas PROFESSOR & CHAIRMAN $1,750,000
Thomas Tuberville Texas Tech University Head Coach $1,500,000
Walter Lowe The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Prof, NTC, Chair, Smith En $1,200,000
Raymond E Sawaya The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Chair $1,090,278
Larry Kaiser The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston President&Alkek/Williams Ch $1,081,380
John Mendelsohn The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center President $1,019,075
Hazim Safi The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Prof & Director & Chair $1,000,780
Kevin Gill The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Professor $1,000,000
James Willerson The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Prof&Edward Randall III Chr IM $999,095
Joseph M Forbess The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Associate Professor $954,800
Gail A Goestenkors The University of Texas at Austin Head Coach $930,834
Scott B Ransom University of North Texas Health Science Center President $904,562
Daniel K Podolsky The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas President $902,297
Dong Kim The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Professor and Chairman $887,000
C Kern Wildenthal The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT FOR COMMUNITY AFFAIRS $841,557
Rex Marco The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Visiting Associate Professor $800,000
August E Garrido The University of Texas at Austin Head Coach $760,000
Peng Chen The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Ast Pr of Neurosurgery NTC $760,000
Kyle Dickson The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Professor $750,000
Howard Morgan The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Professor $742,000
Richard Andrassy The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Prof, Chair Surgery, En $711,434
Bruce Edward Mickey The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Professor $700,000
Clarence W Byrne Texas A&M University Athletic Director $690,000


Agency Type Maximum Salary Median Salary Number of Positions Last Update
State of Texas State $480,000 $35,784 152516 12-10-10
Houston ISD School District $300,000 $44,987 29499
Houston City $231,314 $46,838 23633 7-13-10
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center University Hospital $1,090,278 $53,400 18183 12-15-10
Dallas ISD School District $328,237 $50,451 17477
Harris County County $289,307 $44,699 14983 1-07-11
Austin City $242,008 $44,730 14372 7-21-10
The University of Texas at Austin University $2,511,667 $48,131 14223 7-21-10
Dallas City $278,460 $43,754 13675 6-22-10
Northside ISD School District $267,335 $47,800 12899

Job Titles

Title Maximum Salary Median Salary Number of Positions
Teacher $127,972 $49,601 25806
Police Officer $85,653 $56,112 10497
Correc Officer V $41,605 $35,784 8791
Correc Offcr III $39,452 $31,838 7039
Correc Officer IV $37,572 $34,720 6504
Mental Retardation Asst I $53,502 $20,532 5249
Professor $1,000,000 $110,601 4858
Assistant Professor $675,000 $79,000 4349
Bus Operator $47,426 $42,057 4065
H/Srvc Spec III $57,246 $30,603 3965
*Thank you Tribune for numbers*
So why are we going after the TEACHERS?  The lowest paid? Balance the budget RIGHT let’s ask those making MILLIONS to give some back for a while, I think they can afford it more than a teacher who will lose a job.
Then let’s try the California radical approach, get rid of paying for our Government employees cell phones, BlackBerry etc., they can use the land line like the old days for a while. No more using Government Cars for lunch trips or going to and from home for work.  No more gas cards.  No more excess travel, use phones for meetings or Skype…its FREE.  Call a Colleague in the area to take meetings at a distance.  No more travel with extra personnel for the sake of having extra personnel.  That also means Gov. Perry we don’t pay for your extras in your Mansion, your chef, dog walker, magazines, etc. YOU DO.  We don’t pay for your trips to Conferences in other cities or states YOU do all of it!  And we don’t pay for your trips to other States to steal JOBS from them THEY are hurting just as bad as we are…next time USE SKYPE ITS FREE!
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Mass Murder….Genocide in Libya….But Less in US News?

I talked with different friends in the US here last night. I asked each out of curiosity about how they felt about the attacks on the unarmed in Bahrain and Libya?  Most had no clue what was happening or had happened.  Why? Very little firstly on local news and second on national news stations.  I wanted to know what they knew about what was happening in Wisconsin, only a handful could elaborate what was actually occurring.  It astounded me. I have bright, intelligent friends for the most part.  Most had not picked up a newspaper or turned on the news for several days and the only talk they had heard about was sports, shopping and local events.  So I have to give them that.  When I told one friend all that was happening, the response actually was “so how does any of that effect me?”, it’s a good thing we have a long relationship and I am allowed to tell them off without it ruining the friendship…..because they got an earful.  But guess who now is watching events unfold and calls or texts or emails me constantly?

What I realized though is my friends reaction of “So how does any of this effect me?”  Is sadly and frankly a very American attitude.  If they can’t feel an immediate impact, they don’t see why they should care.  If the news organizations are constantly cramming it down their throats they see no need to even think of it through their day.  Why did the Egypt Protests get our attention?  We saw it on every BIG channel for days almost exclusively, we were fed the idea to care…It was historic and HUGE, I agree….but most Americans wouldn’t have known it happened, if it wasn’t played so much, because to them they would not have understood how on that day, at that moment how it would make a difference to their life. And many still do not.  Most are very fearful because of some news stations and their half-truths.

In Bahrain and Libya, there has been mass murder, plain outright genocide.  But in Bahrain, they claimed  it was to save “the economy” and it wasn’t as constant in the media to make Americans care and our Government didn’t make enough of a big deal of it, they really should have been having a “tizzy fit” as we say in the south.  In Libya, news is hard to get out because no journalists seem to be able to get in, so again it’s not being talked about all the time, just in between the man who got beat up by a llama and the royal wedding.

How does it effect an American in their daily life?  That’s easy….HUMANS are being murdered, men, women, children.  No life is of less or more value.  All life is of same importance and any loss by the hand of regimes for the purpose of stopping and preventing the voice of any human from being heard on basic rights effects us all, most importantly Americans…..remember what our Country is founded on?

We have voices freely being heard in Wisconsin free of fear of being attacked and murdered for their right to protest against the government.  Imagine for one second if they were any place else?

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If You Have a Uterus…Better Listen Up! (Or if Someone you Love Does)

With all that is happening across our world at this very moment, I really debated what I would choose to write on for my blog today.  I have cried at the sight of people being murdered, yes, murdered in the streets of their countries by their own Governments. It has left me sick to my stomach. But so many others are better able and closer to speak on this and I defer to them.  I have watched and listened as Wisconsin Unions fight for rights to keep collective bargaining and 14 Brave Democratic State Senators have taken a stance to help them, you don’t see any of the heavy hitters in Washington, D.C. having the balls to pull such a tactic to stop such a bill from being rammed down people’s throats.

But while this is all happening in Washington and some State Capitals bills are being voted on or getting ready to be voted on that will quietly slide through unnoticed, that will affect Women.  The House just voted to defund Planned Parenthood.  I know,having read the news and forums, the right to life folks are cheering this….I myself see it as a full frontal attack on any woman.  A woman’s body and choice has been long-established in the United States to be her OWN.  This is surly only to undermine the law.  A Texas Bill that is up for a vote:

“Under the law, women must be given the opportunity to see a sonogram that must be taken within 2 hours of the abortion procedure and hear a fetal heartbeat, if detectable.

While she can decline those options, doctors will still be required to describe what they see in the sonogram, including development of the body and organs”

This bill was put forth by Senator Dan Patrick and came to him by the “wisdom and hands of God”.

Other states are considering similar bills.  This is an outright attack on women.  It is first and foremost cruel.  To make a woman who is having to go through a procedure that, I promise you, she did not come to decide to go through lightly and basically torture her moments prior, is inhumane.  If men had a uterus this wouldn’t even be a question or issue, it just wouldn’t happen or be tolerated.

To defund Planned Parenthood removes from women and men the ability to have low-cost birth control, sexually transmitted disease testing and prevention. Not to mention the huge rise we will now see in the birth-rate and God forbid, botched home abortions and women dying from them, because they don’t have health insurance or fear family knowing by using it.

But this attack is on women 100%. It’s quiet, it’s subversive and with all that’s happening in the world it’s going largely unnoticed. It is a back door attack on a womans choice and right to decide for her own body and life.  If you have a uterus of love someone with a uterus PLEASE pay attention!

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Will The Real Anti-Christ Please Stand Up! (Response to Glenn Beck inferring who it is on 2/16/2011)

First, I have to start with an apology to my family.  You put on a Glenn Beck Parole, along with a few other media folks and I cheated…so throw away the keys!
As hard as I tried, I couldn’t turn it off as he didn’t say it straight out (God forbid he actually say something outright) but as Glenn Beck inferred to his lemmings that the anti-christ was on his way, maybe even already here and coming from Iran.  I won’t even address that he suggested the protests in Mexico and Wisconsin were somehow led by Islamic extremists!
Let’s address the Anti-Christ thing.  So far, since the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, folks have been trying to figure out who the Anti-Christ is.  Many men have been given the name.
Antiochus Epiphanes , Roman Emperor Nero, The Pope, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Aleister Crowley, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Francisco Franco, John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ronald Wilson Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Maitreya, Sun Myung Moon, PLO leader Yassir Arafat, Louis Farrakhan, Karl Hapsburg, William Jefferson Clinton, Sam Donaldson of ABC News, Barney the Dinosaur, Bill Gates ,Prince Charles of Wales, Jacques Chirac, Barack Hussein Obama and most recently Hosni Mubarak are all on the list, oddly with the majority of them nothing happened since they are all long dead.
Now Mr. Beck (Yes, I only think it proper to call anyone Mr.), in the recent past has inferred that President Obama, James Cameron and now the 12th Imam are or were the Antichrist.  Well, who is it? Your poor lemmings don’t know which cliff to jump off right now!
I , for one have to go with Barney the Dinosaur.  I am sure he is still laying in wait for the Teletubbies to step aside.
It seems each generation across history has had at least one man (why is it always a man by the way?) to point to as the Anitchrist, and each generation has not been correct.  Me I am still voting that Purple Dinosaur!
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Where does all the hate and fear come from in this world?

I have spent the last 24 hours reading and listening to the news and forums from all sides of the world and viewpoints, seeking what I would address next in my endeavor to stop the fear mongering that is so rampant.  But world events in the last 2 months let alone the last 24 hours, have made it next to impossible to select just one.  So what I will do is start with the basic question and work to addressing at least in the most simplistic of ways the current events.

All of us are born on this earth as pure clean slates, with nothing needed other than to be fed, held and well have our diapers changed….in the beginning we are very simple.  We don’t look at the world around us with hate or fear…we may get startled at loud noises but that is a normal instinct every being is born with. But hate and fear are taught, learned.  We are a product of both nature, what we are born with naturally and nurture, what the environment around us puts in us.

We are still very innocent and open in the early years, while being formed into the adults we will become.  I am reminded of this as I go out on my daily walks in my neighborhood.  About 400 feet from my home is a fence and behind it are squeals and giggles and games going on, it always makes me smile and laugh.  I remember those carefree times of childhood playing the games of imagination that as adults we abandon.   Then about another 800 feet another fence behind it the same laughter and games from a different group of children….the same innocence the same imaginations leading the play.  I should add behind the first fence is a Mosques daycare, behind the second a Baptist daycare.  Religion doesn’t make a difference to the play or joy…it’s just children loving and living a childs life.  Nature still really rules humans at this age though nurture is creeping in.

It really isn’t for many until the teen years that we start realizing or understanding what we are being told by our elders, be it parents, teachers or clergymen.  Until then we only aped what they said or did without fully appreciating what was meant in what we were seeing or being told.  A six year old who says for example “I hate war” but cannot give you reasons why is simply repeating what they heard adults say.  But a teenager might just be able to give you an intelligent answer for their feelings, albeit it could be one they learned again from a grown-up.

For many of us we don’t really look at what we think or feel until we enter college or start our first “adult job” in our early 20’s.  When we are our on our own and able to experience the world on our own terms.  But in many societies even then you are still at home and under the eye of the elders, but your mind is not.

This is when many start listening to news more, or friends more and taking to heart those opinions, without question.  If you live in a society that says one group of people are bad and evil and thats is all you have ever been told and you have never experienced anything but, that will be your belief. If you live in a society that says it is okay to treat a certain group in that society a certain way, you will always think it is acceptable.  If you live in a society that when a person tries to speak up about wrongs that need to be corrected and you see them imprisoned or executed, you may feel you have no way to have a voice.  Many times it is much easier to just go along with what everyone else does even if inside you feel it is wrong and not the way it should be, because it is safe.  It is normal and by nature a very human thing to do.  Self-preservation is normal all living beings do it….it takes great strength and will do go against this basic instinct.  To say things against your parents, family, friends, clergy and yes in some cases government takes great bravery, but many times it is because inside it is the right thing for all humans to do.

Today I woke from my sleep, like many of you.  I had to use the restroom, like many of you.  I was hungry and thirsty, like many of you.  Those basic things are innate in all of us.  I was able to wake in my own bed, safe in my home, I know how blessed I am.  I was able to have running water, I know how blessed I am.  I had food to eat, clean water to drink, I know how blessed I am. I know for many this is not the case.  And that difference alone can create turmoil, hatred and fear. I wholly understand that and do my small part to change that when I can and ask of those I know to do the same.

The things I can do is fight when I see someone, or a news agency give a blanket and incorrect statement regarding a specific group of people anywhere in the world, just to cause hate and fear.  The facts I know about all my fellow humans across this world is not one of them fit in a cookie cutter mold of their skin, religion, sex, education,where they were born, they are each unique in their thoughts, ideas, beliefs and actions. They are a product of both nurture and nature, of their whole life and experiences.

But I also know to look at a human and hate them at sight for what color they are is wrong.  To hate them because of the clothing they wear is wrong.  To hate them for their religion is wrong.  To assume you know their heart is wrong.  To assume you know their mind is wrong.  We are all born a perfect clean slate, you never know if that person before you is that one person whose slate is still perfect and clean, how terrible to imagine hating or fearing that one person.

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Fear Mongering Alive and Well In US Government Groups!

“Natural Born Citizenship”  aka the “Birther Bills” are currently being proposed in a few states in the US.  The basic jest is that all Presidential, Senate and Congressional Candidates wishing to appear on ballots in those stats will be required to show proof of “Natural Born Citizenship”.  Now I watched last night as Montana State Rep. Bob Wagner, talked with Anderson Cooper about the proposed Birther Bill in Montana.  What pulled me into watch was that even though President Obama has produced a birth certificate from the State of Hawaii, 27% of Americans still question or doubt his citizenship and 42% of Republicans do.  Wow, I hate to say this but I am pretty sure if he was white and named Bob Wilson this wouldn’t even be a topic of conversation.  The fact he is a man of color and has a name that to many Americans sounds 100% “Muslim”…means he must be lying and EVIL!  It amazes me.

So, me being me I had to read up on this “Natural born citizenship” thingie.  It comes from a book written by a scholar/philosipher Emerich de Vattel, in 1758.  Yes,  we should DEFINITELY use this as a basis for foundation for laws and constitutional change in the United States.

In essence it says, you are not a natural  citizen if both parents are not citizens of the country you are born in….okay they might have the President on that….but I am pretty sure there would be about 7 others prior to him…actually if we went with that whole concept….it would really apply to ALL Americans…follow me on my reasoning.

I am born to my parents right…we have always assumed they are natural born citizens….WRONG…not my MOM…her Mother was but not her Dad… so there for I could not be.  Then we have my Father…we can assume he is a natural born citizen…..WRONG!  His father wasn’t nor was his mother each had one parent born and still citizens of other countries…To apply this law in true earnest and factually it would have to be applied correctly which means tracing the family tree.  And that would leave us with only one segment of US citizens who are actually “Natural Born Citizens” that would be anyone of 100% American Indian blood.  Hmmmmm come to think of it….maybe they should enact the law and apply it.

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It Begins….The Sexual Assault of Lara Logan of CBS Becomes Fodder for the Mongers

I will start with what happened to Lara Logan is horrible and should never happen to any person woman or man (yes, we forget men in this too).  No person should ever be beaten by anyone for any reason. No person should ever be sexually assaulted by any person for any reason.  The victim does not ask for this or create this situation the person committing this crime does and yes it is a CRIME no matter where in this world you are, and every human on earth inside of themselves knows deep down it is wrong.

But the twists in the story have already started, the fear mongering is already going wild, in the media and in the forums online.  The facts are being twisted and turned and so few again question what is being said.

Only one person on this earth can tell the facts of this story….Lara Logan herself and I am sure in time she will.  But don’t take what has been shared by CBS and twist it to fit your agenda.

No where in the report from CBS were the attackers identified by religion…so where did the word Muslim come in?  Divine knowledge?  Or fearful assumptions again?  That this was an ordered attack by the Muslim brotherhood…really?  They specified one person, with a camera crew and were able to create events that allowed this to happen in such  a large group? That 200 people decided to act as one unit and do this together to Lara Logan, during a joyful celebration…really 200 people at one time in the same place became of the same angry mind?  But these are the twists already given to this story and all trying to point to creating fear at the Egyptian people.  Funny in all of these, not one mentioned that it was stopped by a group of women and 20 soldiers.  Not one mentions that other women had also been sexually assaulted that day in Tahrir Square and in one case the woman slapped the man and he was sent down the crowd who all slapped him too!

Yes, the facts are in Egypt for women in Egypt, sexual harassment is an unwelcome but all too common part of life. In 2008,the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights released statistics stating that 83% of Egyptian women and 98% of foreign women in Egypt reported exposure to sexual harassment But  early reports during the protests in Egypt were that it was almost non-existent, the people were focused on one thing.

It is horrible that such an incredible event now has such a terrible event included in it.  My prayers go to Lara Logan and all victims of beatings and sexual assault, YOU DID NOTHING TO DESERVE THIS.  To the criminals and yes you are criminals who do this to the innocent and they are ALL innocent, Your God of your understanding sees what you do and judges it and finds it wrong.  And you know in your heart and mind that it is wrong and unjust, even if you try to justify it, deep in you, you know it is wrong.

To the fear mongers who take the stories and twist them to fit your agenda, shame on you!  This is a human being, who had a horrible event happen and you take it as a chance to cause hate and fear, again the God of your understanding will judge you too and I promise it is not good!

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